Municipality of Kottmar – About us

Welcome to our beautiful municipality of Kottmar! coming into existence an the 1 January 2013, our municipality emerged from the community of Eibau with the incorporated villages of Walddorf and Neueibau, Obercunnersdorf with the incorporated village of Kottmarsdorf, and Niedercunnersdorf with the incorporated village of Ottenhain. It was named after the mountain in its middle.

It is not surprising that the idea of creating a joint community of this grouping was born and finally came to truition as the history of the communities surrounding Kottmar is closely related to the mountain and its tradition.

There is, for example, the tradition of aviation at the “Hänschberg” part of the southern slope of Kottmar from 1933 to 1945, which is part of the history of the community of Eibau.
Furthermore, for many years, Kottmar has enjoyed great popularity as winter sports destination, where sportsmen of all ages meet for training, competing or just for active recreation. The traditional ski jumping competitions at the Kottmar ski jump on artificial surface during the weekend of Ascension Day even take place at international level.
Unforgotten are the legendary festivals on the Kottmar summit near the spring of the river Spree celebrated with a lot of music in the 1990s, which brought people living along the Spree river closer together.
Another music festival, called “Bergmühlensingen”, originates from the long lasting traditional singing “Buschwiesensingen” at the Kottmar and takes place regularly in the community of Obercunnersdorf in early June.
Agriculture is another uniting feature of the people living around Kottmar as the farmers’ fields partially reach the border of the Kottmar forest.
Locals enjoy and appreciate the Kottmar with its woodland and lookouts across Upper Lusatia far out into the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic and all the way to the Iser and Giant Mountains as a place for rest and relaxation.
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