Twin towns of the municipality of Kottmar

Twin towns of the community of Eibau

Twin town Sulzbach-Laufen am Kocher

In the course of the municipal reform in 1971, Sulzbach-Laufen emerged from the formerly independent communities Sulzbach am Kocher and Laufen am Kocher. It is situated in the charming valley of the Kocher river, next to the main road B 19 between Schwäbisch Hall and Aalen. Sulzbach am Kocher was first referred to in records as far back as 1064.
Today, Sulzbach-Laufen has about 2,500 inhabitants and comprises an area of 44 sq.km. Thanks to the entrepreneurial commitment and the diligence of the population, it built up an impressive economic strength

Honorary citizen of Eibau, Mr. Gerhard Hansen, who was born and raised in Eibau and who unfortunately died in 1987, was a motivator for getting in touch with Eibau in Saxony at the turn of the years 1989/90.

On the occasion of the traditional beer procession “Bierzug” in 2006, his wife, Heidrun Hansen, was also granted honorary citizenship of Eibau for her good work regarding the day-care centre “Spatzennest” in Eibau.

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Twin town Walddorf im Schwarzwald

Walddorf has more than 1,800 inhabitants and is the largest community of the city of Altensteig in the Black Forest. Contacts to Walddorf trace back to the time directly after the wall came down. This connection has always been and still is characterized by a cordial relationship of the communities’ representatives of Walddorf in the northern Black Forest and in Upper Lusatia.
Beyond this personal contact, an irregular but intense exchange between cultural associations of both communities has taken place in the past years, which further deepened this relationship.
In June 2012, a delegation of Walddorf in the Black Forest with Mayor, Mr. Feeß, and a local representative, Mr. Renz, visited Upper Lusatia to attend a local festival, the 20th traditional beer procession “Eibauer Bier- und Traditionszug”.

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Twin town Walddorfhäslach

Walddorfhäslach counts about 4,800 inhabitants. Being situated in beautiful countryside at the edge of the Schoenbuch nature reserve with a panoramic view of the Swabian Alb panorama, it provides high living, recreation and leisure value. Via the main roads B 27 and B 464, it provides excellent transportation links to the district towns of Reutlingen, Tübingen and Böblingen as well as to the state capital of Stuttgart, the airport and the state fair. Due to its prominent site, Walddorfhäslach is closely integrated in the economic and settlement area of the greater Stuttgart and Neckar-Alb region.

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Twin Town Krásná Lípa (CZ)

The beginnings of tourism in northernmost Bohemia are related to this small industrial town, which is situated at the upper reaches of the Kinitzsch river. Legend has it that the first German settlers, who were allocated land by the administrator for building new houses, found a beautiful lime tree on a picturesque forest clearing.
In the early 18th century, this place started to turn from a village into a small market town. First attempts of industrialisation were made in 1731, when the Englishman Barnes founded the first bleachery.
As most cities, Krásná Lípa suffered from several wars. Historians recorded plunders by the Prussians in 1757 and further invasions of foreign armies in the following years.
Due to the progressing industrialisation, the market town Krásná Lípa received its town charter in 1780.
Only a few cities of northernmost Bohemia have such a colourful architecture as Krásná Lípa.
On 25 August 1892, the mountain association for northernmost Bohemia was founded here. Throughout its entire existence, when it coordinated all activities of this region, it had its centre just here with the most numerous membership, and, thus contributed to the continuation of tourism and accessibility of the whole region.
Krásná Lípa is currently seat of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park Administration and is also starting point to the northernmost corner of the national park.

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