Twin towns of the community of Obercunnersdorf

Twin Town Deggingen

The partnership between Deggingen and Obercunnersdorf was established shortly after the German reunification. The municipality of Deggingen, with the incorporated neighbouring village of Reichenbach im Täle, counts about 5,700 inhabitants. It is situated in the Federal State Baden-Württemberg and belongs to the administrative district of Stuttgart. Deggingen is located in the middle of the upper valley of the river Fils in the county of Göppingen. The indoor swimming pool with its sports pool is one of Deggingen’s tourist attractions. There is also a surf club in Deggingen, and the secondary school presents itself with its own website. Moreover, there are people taking care of animal welfare, both nationally and internationally.

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Twin town Schönau an der Katzbach (Świerzawa, PL)

With Poland’s entry into the European Union, a new partnership was established in 2004. After initial approaches and first meetings, relations between Schönau an der Katzbach and Obercunnersdorf are getting closer, but must still be further developped. Schönau an der Katzbach (Świerzawa) is a city in Poland in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. It is situated twelve kilometres south of Goldberg in Silesia (Złotoryja) where the Steinbach river flows into the Katzbach (Kaczawa) river. Świerzawa belongs to the euro zone “Euroregion Neiße”. The Polish twin town Świerzawa consists of eight incorporated communities with a total of about 8,000 inhabitants.

On 30 August 2013, a delegation of the municipality of Kottmar under the direction of Mayor Michael Görke went to Swierzawa to revive and continue existing contacts. Both parties affirmed their wish to collaborate, in particular with regard to tourism.
Following an invitation from the municipality of Kottmar, on September 21, a delegation under the direction of Mayor Josef Kolcz visited Obercunnersdorf on the occasion of a local festival, called “Abernfest”, celebrating the potato. Besides celebrating, the day provided a first possibility of getting to know the whole municipality of Kottmar.
Amongst other things, the guests visited the three-sided manor “Faktorenhof”, formerly home of a linen trader in the community of Eibau, and had lunch together afterwards. Apart from the official appointments, the guests mingled with the visitors of the festival and, for example, tried their luck in the traditional shooting at wooden birds.
An agreement establishing and confirming the partnership is due to be signed in the near future.
Visit to the three-sided manor “Faktorenhof Eibau”
Traditional shooting at wooden birds
on the occasion of the “Abernfest” festival
Visit in Swierzawa
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Imagefilm der Gemeinde Świerzawa
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