Kottmar – Community of Eibau

Eibau stretches along the upper valley of a little meandering creek amidst four hills, called Kottmar, Beckenberg, Lerchenberg and Spitzberg. Situated at the railway line Zittau – Dresden, this formerly independent village is one of the typical Upper Lusatian street villages. That is, it was built along a single street, today federal road B 96, running through it about a length of approximately 4.2 kilometres. The first documentary mention of Eibau dates from 1352.
Characteristical for the view of place are half-timbered houses with many elements of rural baroque, which are typical for this region. They bear witness of the tradition of linen weaving and linen cloth trading. With the beginning of industrialisation in the early 19th century, traders of linen cloth, i. e. factors, established mechanical weaving mills. Besides agriculture, these weaving mills defined the character of this and many other communities until the political change in 1989.
The ancient three-sided manor known as “Faktorenhof”, formerly home of a factor and nowadays architectural monument, with its museum of local history “Heimat- und Humboldtmuseum”, is only one example of the numerous leisure time facilites Eibau provides for its visitors and holidaymakers. The open-air swimming pool is one of the nicest and most popular open-air swimming pools of our district and has a water surface of 3,000 square metres.
As physical exercise also is of great importance to us, our range of opportunities for active recreation includes various sports facilities, for example, the gym “Sporthalle Am Kottmar” or our fitness centre, to name just two.
It would be inexcusable not to mention our tasty Eibau dark stout “Eibauer Schwarzbier” or the traditional beer procession “Bier- und Traditionszug” taking place every last Sunday in June since 1993 as they made the Upper Lusatia known nationwide. What’s more, thanks to the river Spree rising at Kottmar hill and flowing to Berlin, we have a “direct transportation link” to our federal capital. In the neighbouring township of Ebersbach-Neugersdorf, there are two further sources of the Spree and jointly, all three form the so-called “Spreequellland”, the land of the sources of the Spree.
We would be very pleased to welcome you soon as our guests in the “Spreequellland”.
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