Kottmar - Community of Obercunnersdorf

First mentioned in records in 1221, Obercunnersdorf is one of the most beautiful villages in Eastern Saxony. It is among the few remaining contemporary witnesses of rural lifestyle and architecture, which preserved their pristine and untouched character. Its multitude of charming half-timbered houses makes it a feast for the eyes. The unparalleled connection of log cabin and half-timbered building is one of the most important building methods of folk architectures in Europe. About 250 listed half-timbered houses form a picturesque ensemble, which is best to explore by foot along Dorfstraße street or through small and winding idyllic lanes. Impressive door surrounds made of granite, skillful metal-grilled windows, diversified ornamental slates, window casings and pillars are only some of the many lovingly designed details of the houses.
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