Kottmar - Community of Ottenhain

Ottenhain is one of the communities of the municipality of Kottmar and is located about five kilometres southeast of Löbau in the valley of the Krummbach runnel in the southeastern Upper Lusatia. Sonneberg hill rises south of Ottenhain.
The village was mentioned for the first time in writing in 1317. To be more precise, in an official document dated 3 December, margrave Woldemar von Brandenburg summoned eight villages, including “Ottenhayn”, of the then state of Görlitz before the court of the city of Löbau.
In the 16th century, Ottenhain belonged to the property of the Gersdorf family and was sold to Heinrich von Miltitz at the end of said century. In 1610, Christoph von Gersdorff bought Ottenhain for 7400 Thaler. In the 17th century, the village, which back then was divided into an upper and lower part (Ober- and Niederottenhain), changed ownership several times. In 1809, Johann Gottlieb Erdmann von Nostitz acquired the property of Niederottenhain for 42.000 Thaler.
Around 1820, the first school was set up, followed by a second in 1842. As from 1844, a road to the neighbouring village of Niedercunnersdorf was constructed and, in 1853, the two communities of Ober- and Niederottenhain merged. In 1879, five years after the water mill burnt down, a windmill was built, and yet another 18 years later, in 1897, the upper mill burnt down. In the year 1890, Ottenhain counted 533 inhabitants. In 1899, the chapel was built. Ottenhain was electrified as from 1911 and supplied with electricity from the city of Zittau. After World War II, 122 resettlers lived in Ottenhain; the population counted 654 inhabitants in 1946. The first agricultural cooperative was established in 1957 and in the early 1960s, there were already three of them. In 1973, the population of Ottenhain counted 598 inhabitants, but diminished to 516 eleven years later.
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