Kottmar - Community of Walddorf

Back in 1676, the municipal council of Löbau, who owned the Kottmar forest since 1311, sought for the permission of building a village on Kottmar hill to counteract wood theft. However, even without that permission secret building activities were conducted for years beginning in 1672, and when the permission was finally given in 1691, Walddorf village actually already existed.
Walddorf snuggles at the southwestern slope of Kottmar hill and has many charming and pretty half-timbered houses, surrounded by lovingly tended front gardens.
The geographically highest located source of the Spree rises at 478 metres above sealevel on the Walddorf side of Kottmar hill.
The Kottmar is weather and water shed and, with a height of 583 metres, a distinctive landmark in the land of the sources of the river Spree. Its surrounding communities lie around it like pearls on a string.
Kottmar hill is also home of the ski club „Am Kottmar” and provides ideal training conditions for future successful winter sports athletes. Furthermore, it invites for extended winter walks with or without skis.
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